Encuentra The Oera Linda Book from a Manuscript of the Thirteenth Century. the Original de Oera Linda Bok (Autor) . Me gustaría leer este libro en Kindle. Chronological list of Oera Linda translations (known to me) A. Soldani, Italian, Oera Linda il libro, pagine di storia dimenticate, web-only. The Oera Linda Book is a controversial Frisian manuscript covering historical, mythological, and religious themes that first came to light in the 19th century.

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Oera Linda Book

Hai inviato la seguente valutazione e recensione. Geological as well as geographical evidence that was readily available even as far back as Over de Linden’s time is also mostly absent from the manuscript.

Jensma concludes his article by saying “It is a perfect irony that a book written to unmask the Holy Bible as a book ofhuman making was to become a bible itself.

Stories from Roman History. Because of the infatuation of Himmler’s with the Oera Linda Book and its consequent association with Nazi occultism, it became known as “Himmler’s Bible”. The Oera Linda Book is divided into six sections, further subdivided into a total of 53 chapters.

Among academics in Germanic philologythe document is widely considered to be a hoax or forgery. The text alleges that Europe and other lands were, for a large part of their history, ruled by a succession of folk-mothers presiding over a hierarchical order of celibate priestesses dedicated to the goddess Fryadaughter of the creator god Wr-alda and Jrtha, the earth mother.

The claim is also made that this Frisian civilization possessed an alphabet which was the ancestor of Greek and Phoenician alphabets.



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Haverschmidt lived in Friesland and was an acquaintance of Verwijs. A Struggle for Rome, v.

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Ottema, believed it to be written in authentic Old Frisian. Abramelin, on 17 December – It will then be, The saviour Om the anointed; precisely as Isaiah had literally foretold: Jesus was a very common name with the Jews.

We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works. OK, so Ottema was the first. Goffe Jensma published a monograph on the manuscript inDe gemaskerde godincluding a oerq translation and a discussion of the history of its reception.

Appena le avremo esaminate le pubblicheremo sul nostro sito. Carrello Sarai trattato da vero VIP! The book articulates the first known example of the concept of root races though it doesn’t call them thatand probably influenced H. Research was performed on the quality of the paper, and it was claimed to have come from a papermill in Maastricht “circa” Ti ringraziamo per il feedback. History of the Kings of Britain.

Gustav Neckel had praised Wirth’s work before publication, but upon seeing its content published a dismayed recension. Modern research has evidenced a concern with identifying the unknown author of the manuscript, with the most likely candidates being Cornelis Over de Linden or Eelco Verwijs. History The Oera Linda Book, known in Frisian as “Thet Oera Linda Bok”, llinda to light in when Cornelis Over de Linden handed the manuscript, claimed to have been kept in the Over de Linden family for generations, over to Eelco Verwijsthe provincial librarian of Frieslandfor translation and publication.


Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Works of Geoffrey of Monmouth. Verwijs rejected the manuscript, but in Jan Gerhardus Ottema —a prominent member of the Frisian Society for History and Culture, published a Dutch translation.

Wr-alda — is the supreme deity of linds Oera Linda Book which is considered by scholars to be a hoax. The following is yet another example of how Jensma has shamelessly raped the OLB sorry I can’t think of a better term. Nevertheless, a public controversy was revived in the context of s Nazi occultismand the book is still occasionally brought up in esotericism and Atlantis literature.

Latest developments In the historian Goffe Jensma published a book about the case: Haverschmidt lived in Friesland and was an acquaintance of Verwijs.

Jensma concludes his article by saying “It is a perfect irony that a book written to unmask the Holy Bible as a book of human making was to become a bible itself. The last two sections of the Oera Linda Book, the writings of Konered and Beden, contain lbiro number of lacunae ; indeed, the book itself breaks off in mid-sentence.

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