The execute command is used to evaluate a string as if it were a Vimscript . Responsible Coding. So far we’ve covered a bunch of Vim commands that let. Functional Programming. We’re going to take a short break now to talk about a.

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So far we’ve covered a bunch of Vim commands that let you customize Vim quickly. Just-in-time learning is awesome! An amazing book on a terrible language. To use this book you should have the latest version of Vim installed, which is version 7. It’s highly unlikely that someone who doesn’t use Vim will be reading uard code, and it’s especially important to group things explicitly and thoughtfully when writing Vimscript so you don’t go crazy.

I thought the same way when I first saw it. We’ve now defined a function that will tell us if the textwidth setting is “too wide” in the current buffer because 80 characters is, of course, the correct width for anything but HTML.

Learn Vimscript the Hard Way

Some of them also have a “how to break it” section, where you actually practice trying to create errors. Vim is a unique environment where the normal security concerns simply aren’t common.


How is this different from simply calling the built-in sort function? Calling Functions We can already see that there are two different ways of calling functions in Vimscript. Run the following commands: Create this file if it doesn’t already exist.

Let’s try a tje useful example. It returns a copy of the list that contains only the elements of the original where the result of calling the function on it is “truthy”.

Functional Programming

Prepare by opening a file in Vim, then using: That was the whole point of me reading this book! Explore the Home Gift Guide. Remember that boolean options still need to be set to something. If you’re working with enormous lists, things can slow down. David rated it it was amazing Aug 26, Add the following to your file: Most Vimscript coders seem to do it, so don’t break the convention. Registers as Variables You can also read and set registers as variables.

I actually did them! Vimscript files are special case, though. Vim will open the first file in a vertical split to the right of the second file.

Vimscript has all the pieces necessary to program in a kind-of-functional style, but it’s a bit clunky. We’ll look at the function more later, but for now just trust tje it returns the path of the previous buffer. Let’s try changing that. Great book to learn VIM!! Then we ran an if statement that checked if TextwidthIsTooWide was truthy. Short Names Vim allows you to use abbreviated names for most commands and options. Now run the following command: Run the following command:.


Let’s try returning a value. Find out how to make Vim fold everything automatically the first time you open the file. Edit Text at the Speed of Thought Paperback.

So imo the book starts off rather slow, which surprised me given the title.

Learn Vimscript the Hard Way

Being a programmer I know the basic building blocks of a programming language. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Because we never explicitly returned a value, Vim returned 0 from the function, which is falsy. Let’s take a look at how to create them, and then talk about some of their quirks.

The first thing we need to talk about are variables. Jan 07, Marcel rated it really liked it Shelves: