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Order Series Speakers direct from Bowers & Wilkins or find a retailer. Bringing the highest quality sound straight to you. Used B&w for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Used Bw D for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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I swapped to Cardas Golden Reference but that was too much and it resulted in sloppy, slow bass and less articulation in the lower midrange.

The Magnepans also manage to do this while avoiding being too clinical. Kingko Audio and Omega. The reasons for these observations are open to conjecture, but one obvious possibility is that it is rooted in the way the woven Kevlar diaphragm 800r.

Recording of June But I find the FST unit getting a bit long in the tooth.

This one seems to be very focused and strongly bundled. When I bypassed that EQ, the bass immediately became more taut and defined. Ultimately though there is just no substitute for listening to speakers in your own setup. The final position was much closer to the listener, in fact very close to the carpet, a good 2 meters from the rear wall.

But the sense of weight and of power was not always there. Conclusion To come back to an earlier question… Do I like these speakers? Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. It is fast, articulate, dynamic, punchy and, not to forget, DEEP! Too far apart and the bass is thin and imaging is vague. With the Syntheses they now think that they are telephones! It also self-damps well, which makes for a better all-round performance. The speaker of choice for the world’s most demanding recording studios, and a legend among serious sound enthusiasts everywhere, the Diamond is the top speaker in the range – and very probably the finest speaker you will ever hear.


Orientation is easily arranged. Not only does the use of such bling make for great ad copy, it also makes good engineering sense. The tweeter is mounted at the mouth of a tapered tube, the sleek Nautilus.

Vivid Audio Giya G1 Spirit loudspeaker.

Used B&W diamond Floorstanding speakers for Sale |

The N not only sounded airier and more subtle, it was more engaging overall, as if it was completely run in and the D came freshly out of the box. This so called tilting is important for the imaging and other aspects of the sound. Never artificially, intentionally brittle as an add-on h&w but also never forgiving of badly recorded music.

Enough babbling already, how do they sound? Decoupling the unit means that any vibration caused by those massive b& drivers has less chance of distorting the higher frequencies.

The Series Diamond represents the pinnacle of our technological achievement, and the sum total of almost 50 years of research and development at the cutting edge of acoustic design.

The Magnepans simply fail on this aspect. V&w a whole, these are certainly among the best speakers I have heard. They may have heard new speakers, bad equipment or there may have been a mismatch going on. It wasn’t long before I realized b&d the cause was a distinctively more smooth and balanced midrange that projected voices and melodies into the room.

Compared to Magnepan MG3. Shock absorber For the Series Diamond range, we’ve refined the science of magnet motor design to a fine art.

The bass is that well integrated.

But they are a bit too fussy for me. You should know that I compared the N to many speakers and always have they sounded utterly spacious.


I like it deep and I like it strong. They have fantastic soundstaging and their bass can be stunning. But, from memory, the diamond on the D sounds very different from the one on the D. Sonus Faber Aida loudspeaker. Of course you could argue that the source is to blame.

Bw have been developed for making music mixes whil listening loudly. Its curved external shape avoids the unwanted acoustic effects caused by flat baffles and sharp cabinet edges. If you want good bass, there is simply no substitute for a big cabinet and big drivers.

Quite simply, the ultimate loudspeaker. This was again evidenced when comparing them to the Diamond tweeters. Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. Recording of August At best, human hearing extends to about 20kHz.

What Hi-Fi?

Who wants to 800f with that before receiving visitors, especially if they bring the kids? Imaging is first rate, both focus and depth. Even allowing for all the other uncontrolled variables this is a massively different 800s. As wonderfully versatile as its smaller brother the Diamond, the elegant, floorstanding Diamond has an even more commanding acoustic presence, thanks to a true three-way design incorporating two Rohacell bass units, an FST midrange and a diamond dome tweeter delivering pin-sharp clarity all the way up the frequency range.

Used b&w for Sale |

Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier. My review samples were finished in a superlative Gloss Piano Black accented with gold trim lines around each driver. To these ears it is improved, presumably thanks to the cleaner bass, the revised crossover to the tweeter, and the tweeter itself that is responsible for reproducing the harmonics of frequency fundamentals.