Last week I put together an article on High Intensity Super Slow Training. This is a type of strength training popularised by Doug McGuff in his book Body By. In Body By Science, bodybuilding powerhouse John Little teams up with fitness medicine expert Dr. Doug McGuff to present a scientifically proven formula for. a research based program for strength training, body building and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week.

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Personally, I expected to waste away to nothing in a matter of weeks! He does an excellent job explaining the differences amongst the words ‘exercise’, ‘fitness’, and ‘health’ and his compelling opening chapter paves the way for more detailed explanations around the biochemical and metabolic processes our muscles and our body go through when we subject ourselves to slow but high intensity strength training. It was during this time that Nick realised his health …. In addition to building more strength, training with a more controlled cadence significantly reduces the risk of injury.

The only caveat is that the authors advise using machines to workout, and the exercises do look like they’d be easier to do correctly on a machine.

Nov 30, Dhandayutha rated it liked it Shelves: This seems to most of us a logical thing to do. I haven’t looked into the studies personally yet. You should move quickly from one exercise to the next. A last note about steady state exercise. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

You’re 1 rep maxes will not increase much in this program. BY FAR the best single book for getting on the right path toward exercise.

The glucose can now go only to the level of fructosephosphate on the glycolysis cycle, at which point it gets shunted over to the pentose phosphate pathway, which will then convert the glucose, through a series of steps, to glyceraldehydephosphate also known as triose phosphate or 3-phosphoglyceraldehyde and abbreviated G3Pwhich is a fat precursor.

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Such statements of “you ought to take up swimming, because you want long, lean muscles, not big, bulky muscles. Is 15 minutes of training a week enough to achieve beneficial performance and aesthetic results?

However, they do not mention that strength gains are specific to scienxe way the muscle is trained. Its been a month and no sickness and no injury. Beating some pretty serious athletes.

I personally think if I was eating to excess or even my normal diet during this 9 month period that I would have maintained and maybe even put on size. Early chapters are okay, but readers should definitely employ a healthy dose of skepticism. You require between 50 and calories a day just to keep a pound of it alive. It is important because muscle mass is what is burning the energy, a single pound of muscle burns 50 to calories a day by just being there so that 5 pounds of muscle lost means or increase of calories that you would have to burn off extra.

With progressive calisthenics which you can learn from Convict Conditioning and fill in the gaps with Pavel Tsatsouline’s books you would have your muscle groups work together and actually strengthen your joints instead of isolating muscle groups to work independently with weak joints.

I don’t recall the heavy emphasis on keeping good records that I think is indispensable, so let me say that here. This article may rely excessively on sources too closely associated with the subjectpotentially preventing the article from being verifiable and neutral.

This caution particularly applies to protocols such as SuperSlow that emphasize a deep inroad — in which a large reduction in the volume and frequency of training is going to require significant periods of recovery for the body to replenish its energy reserves and to make the adaptive response.

My 9 Month Experiment.

Doug McGuff – Wikipedia

In addition to building more strength, training with a more controlled cadence significantly reduces the risk of injury. In this episode, Drew and I go right back to basics.


What else can I say? It can vary because some machines have a difficult start but a easy finish position and therefore the cadence can also vary in the up and down part.

Not against “‘cardio’ exercises” as some think, rather the authors explain very well, and repeatedly that taking each rep to its extreme forces one to use deeper, fast twitch muscle fibers mcfuff is in turn much more productive to your cardiovascular scoence. But all you are doing is cheating yourself. Super slow tempo The first inch should take 3 seconds. In this episode, Mike and I do a deep dive on ARX technology to understand its role in the evolving exercise market, how kcguff can incorporate ARX into their service portfolio … Read more.

I found the science in this to be credible not having the background of the authors, I can’t debate it mcvuff, but I was not so taken with the implementation. Concerning the program itself: To obtain the best skill and metabolic conditioning possible for players, many coaches would be better off staging scrimmages rather than practices.

The Expert in High Intensity Training and Fitness Medicine

Loses a star because while most of it seems to be backed up by pretty decent science I’m basing this judgment on descriptions of studies, not on looking up the studies myself, because I’m far too lazyit has some unsupported claims sprinkled in. This is still THE book for information about how to exercise. I don’t think a SS level of detail would be strictly necessary, but the detail provided was negligent in my opinion.

Highly recommended for anyone like myself who needs to know both the hows and whys about fitness. Mar 14, Filip Ligmajer rated it liked it.